Maximum capacity: 50 Area: 120 m² Floor: 0

Tarmo is Paasitorni’s latest inspiring multifunctional conference room for team and groupwork, as well as wellbeing. Tarmo’s design leads guests into the building’s sporting history as the culturally valuable Paasitorni, located in the heart of the city, has staged many boxing matches. The all-time top Finnish boxer Gunnar Bärlund fought in a ring in Paasitorni’s Congress Hall in the 1950s.

The spacious Tarmo conference room is suitable for meetings of up to 36 people, spurring your team to the best overall result. The space functions very well as a parallel space to the nearby Sirkus. Tarmo is also an excellent choice for casual cocktail events for up to 50 people.

Did you know that…? Helsingin Tarmo is a traditional sports club that has passed on the joy of exercise with the spirit of fair play to children, young people and adults who enjoy exercise and competitive sports since 1931. The club has focused on combat and strength sports, as well as athletics. In 2020, the City of Helsinki elected Helsingin Tarmo the Sports Club of the Year, mentioning the true Tarmo team spirit in addition to athletic accomplishments.

A member of the Helsinki Workers’ Association, the Tarmo sports club operated in different premises in the Paasitorni block from its establishment in 1931 until 2010. The club’s current premises are located around Helsinki, depending on the division. In Paasitorni, we wanted to honour the operations of the 90-year-old Helsingin Tarmo by naming our new conference room Tarmo. This is where the club’s last training space in this building was located.


Floor Plan

Room Plan

Size and location

Maximum capacity:
Area (m²):
Height (m):
2,4 m at the lowest point of the hall
Length x width (m):
17,6-18,7 m x 6,2-6,4 m

Technical facilities

Basic equipment:
wired and wireless image transmission, 2 x screen 75", Wi-fi, PA system, efficient stereo system for background music
general lighting (dimming available), mood lighting
basic electricity
General info:
induction loop available on request

Room capacity

Group tables:
36 (6 persons/table)
Group tables

Basic equipment

without armrests, also a couch group for 4 persons (incl. a couch and 2 armchairs), and fixed benches with padded seats for up to 10 persons
Conference tables:
W 160 cm, D 60 cm, H 71 cm
General info:
Stage W (max) 200 cm, D (max) 107 cm, H 22 cm. Flipchart available on request.

Additional information

Receptions for up to 50 participants.


Lift 2: W 110 cm, D 210 cm, H 217 cm, door W 80 cm and H 200 cm, capacity 1000 kg

Nearest toilets (2) in the conference room. Accessible toilets on the same floor.