Meeting place

People, ideas and eras meet in Paasitorni.

For more than a century, people have been gathering here, getting new ideas, negotiating, eating, drinking, getting excited, learning new things, and making big or small decisions.

This will also be done today and in the future.

A wide range of opportunities for various encounters

Paasitorni is a unique place of encounter for all kinds of events that presents a wide range of opportunities.

Our versatile facilities and services suit a wide range of occasions. So tell us your wishes for your event – and we will make you an offer that we hope will best meet them.

A sign of uniqueness is that we are now on our way to the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Best location in the city

You will find us in a prime city location, Siltasaari, where the city centre and the Kallio district meet.

Paasitorni brochure

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Annual report

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