Additional services

Paasitorni has functional, modern spaces and technical equipment. We have solid skills and experience in organising demanding events.  Our skilled and flexible staff and reliable partners are at your service.

Technical services

Your designated contact person in our sales service will assist you in planning your event. If necessary, a representative skilled in technology will join the discussion.




Paasitorni’s own webcasting service enables high-quality live streaming of event and presentation materials online. The service can also include storing and editing the material. In the most technically demanding cases, we will use our contacts with the industry’s leading subcontractors to secure assistance. We provide solutions for backchannel, special lighting and interpretation needs, for example.




Other services

We are happy to help you plan the framework and programme content of a successful event. Your designated contact person in our sales service will help you to order flowers and additional furniture, for instance. When you find yourself in need of new ideas for implementing your event, activating participants or creating an engaging evening programme, our preferred partners will provide you with ready solutions or tailor an alternative just right for your event.