Scandic Paasi


Paasitorni’s individually stylish hotel, drawing on stories from the area’s history, welcomes everyone from meeting and conference guests to business travellers and holidaymakers. The circus located on the spot in the late 1800s functioned as the greatest source of inspiration for the hotel’s interior decor.

The 170 hotel rooms that reflect this influence are located in three connected buildings. Each room tells its own story, and the rooms breathe the atmosphere of the 1920s, 1950s and 2010s. The gem of this hotel that pays homage to old architecture is the new building with its balconied rooms, which was completed in 2012 and has received awards for its innovativeness. The new building is located in Paasitorni’s peaceful inner courtyard.

In addition to Scandic Paasi, there are 342 hotel rooms available within the same block, so altogether there are 512 rooms to accommodate the guests of Paasitorni. The hotel capacity of the Helsinki region in total is 18.500 rooms.




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Individual room bookings
Individual room bookings you can conveniently make directly to Scandic Paasi.

Group bookings
When you organise an event at Paasitorni, respect your guests and offer them a chance to stay in comfort under the same roof, at Scandic Paasi. You can conveniently book accommodation for your group through Paasitorni’s sales service.

The versatile restaurants of Paasitorni provide hotel guests with several options in terms of cuisine and socialising. Scandic Paasi also invites its guests to relax in its comfortable lobby bar and library. Direct passageways, both indoors and across the courtyard, link Scandic Paasi to Paasitorni and the building’s restaurants.

A hotel with a lot of personality and very friendly service

- Veera Kangassalo, Nordea