1½ floor lobby

Area: 126 m² Floor: 1,5

This lobby has an interesting history: prior to the completion of the building’s extension in 1925, it functioned as the building’s main lobby. It still houses the old ticket office (1908), which sold tickets for the public events in the building, as well as an Art Nouveau wall clock (1911) and a Classicist timber kiosk (1921) from which, back in the day, the public could buy snacks during the intervals.

The coffee for your event can be served from the lobby’s buffet counter. You can also use the lobby for registration and/or a small-scale exhibition or networking, perhaps, after your event or meeting. The lobby area serves all of the conference rooms on this floor (Juho Rissanen, Karl Lindahl, Tarja Halonen and Matti Paasivuori).


Floor Plan

Size and location

Area (m²):
Height (m):
3,4 m underneath beam

Technical facilities

general lighting
basic electricity

Additional information

Lift 2: W 110 cm, D 210 cm, H 217 cm, door W 80 cm and H 200 cm, capacity 1000 kg

Nearest toilets in the entrance hall and on the 2,5 floor

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Adjacent spaces:

Tarja Halonen

Matti Paasivuori

Juho Rissanen

Karl Lindahl


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