Two Houses with Changing Masters – photographic exhibition at Paasitorni and Katajanokan Kasino

Helsinki Congress Paasitorni ja Katajanokan Kasino are holding a joint photographic exhibition on the history of Helsinki in 1918, especially through the history of two buildings. The exhibition, produced by Helsinki Walks, “Two Houses with Changing Masters – Helsinki Workers’ House and Katajanokan Kasino during the Civil War of 1918” opens at Paasitorni on 18 January 2018  and runs until June. From August until December 2018, the exhibition will be on display at Katajanokan Kasino.

The exhibition is open to everyone during the opening hours of Paasitorni and Katajanokan Kasino. A hundred years after the Civil War, the Two Houses with Changing Masters exhibition offers the audience a poignant glimpse of the tragic events of 1918.

Welcome to visit our unique photographic exhibition beginning 19 January. For information on the opening hours, please contact the Conference Services of Paasitorni, +358 (0)9 7089 613,

Contact person for the media: Helsinki Congress Paasitorni, Kati Kosonen, marketing manager, +358 (0)50 435 9911,

For more information, please read the press release 

Picture: Gunnar Lönnqvist, 1918, Helsinki City Museum