Maximum capacity: 56 Area: 52 m² Floor: 2

Lasikabinetti is a freshly renewed, light-filled space with a great view over the nearby park, Paasipuisto. The atmospheric Lasikabinetti provides you with a setting for events for up to 56 people, from meetings to dinners.

Lasikabinetti is located next to the gorgeous Paasiravintola (Restaurant Paasi), exemplifying the spirit of the 1920s and stylishly renewed for the 2020s. Lasikabinetti was transformed with a unique wallpaper as a new focal point, illustrating Paasitorni and its surrounding landmarks from the Hakaniemi neighbourhood. The colour scheme ties in with the grand hall’s original 1920s hue.

Did you know that…? Paasiravintola and the adjacent Lasikabinetti and Salikabinetti private dining rooms were given a complete makeover in the beginning of 2020 bringing functionality of the spaces into the new 20s and to meet contemporary needs. The goals of the makeover were versatility, comfort and ambiance.

Special attention was given to flexibility and clarification of customer service paths. All special dietary requirements are catered for from a single easily identified service station. The logistically optimised space supports Paasitorni’s identity and concept for working luncheons as well as special occasions.

The grand hall and the private dining rooms were updated with new, modern lighting and technology, furnishings and surface materials. Paasiravintola´s existing light colour scheme, which dates from the 1990s, was kept throughout. The blue-grey colour and brass details of the relief above the entrance was used as the main inspiration for new built-in furniture. The grand hall’s floor was restored to mimic the look of the original 1920s appearance.

First opened in 1925, the refurbishment of Paasiravintola and the private dining rooms is part of an extensive service design project which has seen the revitalisation of the lobbies, conference facilities and banqueting rooms of a building that lives and breathes tradition. We trusted the design team of KOKO3 with the task of introducing a modern, light-handed elegance to the magnificent and prestigious building and its commanding architectural features designed by Karl Lindahl in the spirit of the architectural ideals of his time. The original architecture and its evocative fairytale character has been preserved and highlighted, while creating inviting, playful and functional spaces.

Read more about KOKO3’s Paasitorni project.

Size and location

Maximum capacity:
Area (m²):
Height (m):
3,6 m underneath beam, 3,3 m underneath lamps
Length x width (m):
10,3 m x 5 m

Technical facilities

Basic equipment:
screen (fixed, width 250 cm, height 160 cm), data projector (4000 ANSI lumen), Wi-fi, PA system, stereo system for background music
general lighting (dimming available)
basic electricity

Room capacity

2 x 28
Long tables:
Long tables

Basic equipment

without armrests
General info:
flipchart available on request, two glass walls

Additional information

Lift 1: W 110 cm, D 140 cm, H 220 cm, door W 80 cm and H 200 cm, capacity 630 kg

Nearest toilets in the entrance hall