Think Sustainably – Helsinki Congress Paasitorni

Climate change affects us all, globally. The city of Helsinki has set an aim to reduce emissions by 60 percent by the year 2030 and to be carbon neutral by 2035. This shift requires both major structural changes and everyday actions.

The new Think Sustainably service helps to choose more sustainable services in Helsinki. It filters content from the website to suggest sustainable services, such as venues, restaurants, shops, sights, events and accommodation.

Helsinki Congress Paasitorni is a venue which meets the required criteria of sustainable service. Paasitorni was chosen to be one of the service providers of the recently launched pilot version of the Think Sustainably service.

The Think Sustainably Criteria highlight ecological sustainability but also consider social sustainability. The service providers who have met the required criteria are marked with a green tab and website visitors can examine more in-depth which criteria were fulfilled and which not. The criteria encourages service providers to develop their sustainability even further.

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