Helsinki Congress Paasitorni celebrates its 110 years anniversary in 2018

Finland achieved independence on December 6, 1917. In 2017 the nation celebrated its 100th year with numerous events.

An important role in the history of Finland and in the tragic events during the Civil War in 1918 was played by Helsinki Workers’s House, today known as Helsinki Congress Paasitorni. Paasitorni is a truly unique venue which nowadays operates as a full-service congress centre.

Helsinki Congress Paasitorni celebrates its 110 years anniversary in 2018. The new house was inaugurated in October 1908. Today Paasitorni’s rich tradition can be sensed by customers every day in the carefully restored premises with a unique atmosphere and ambience. During the years Paasitorni has operated as a venue for large-scale events ranging from boxing matches to concerts, as well as from conferences to gala dinners and balls.

In 2018 history is brought into life in many ways. Most visibly, the tower, which is the well-known symbol of Helsinki Congress Paasitorni, has gone through a major renovation during the summer. Huippu, the meeting space located in the tower, now serves groups and provides inspiration with its new fresh looks and great panoramic views over the rooftops of Helsinki. Paasitorni’s unique history of 110 years is also honoured by the new photographic exhibition opening on September 11th.