Congress Hall

Paasitorni’s pride and joy, the Congress Hall with its balconies is an ideal venue for conferences of up to 800 people. The Congress Hall can also host sit-down dinners for up to 400 people and buffets for 250 people upwards. When the Congress Hall was completed in 1908 it was said to be the “largest and most handsome hall for soirees in the city”.


The Congress Hall foyer and lobby are an excellent setting for serving cocktails or break-time refreshments in conjunction with events held in the Congress Hall. They are also perfect for small-scale exhibitions.

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  • Congress Hall
  • Congress Hall
  • Congress Hall
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  • Congress Hall
Surface Area: 
522,5 m2
Length x Width: 
Length 27.5 m, width 19.0 m
Highest point 14 m, underneath the balcony 3.6 m
Ambient light; 6 manually adjustable profile spotlights, dimming
Basic electricity, electric power
Classroom Arrangement: 
U-shaped Arrangement: 
Hollow Square Arrangement: 
Table Groupings: 
280 à 8 persons
Rows of Chairs: 
800 (600-700 + balcony)
Conference Tables: 
Width 120 cm, depth 45 cm, height 72 cm
Chairmanship Table: 
Width 180 cm, depth 73 cm, height 80 cm, writing area width 146 cm, depth 43 cm
Width 97 cm, depth 87 cm, height 115 cm, lectern's table width 76 cm, depth 47 cm
Chairs : 
Beige, without armrests, padded
Technical Equipment: 
  • Projector screen, picture width 564 cm, picture height 320 cm
  • Document camera: Provided
  • Data Projector: Provided
  • Audio System: Provided
  • Telecommunications Connections: Provided
  • Other Equipment: Induction loop, wheelchair lift (max 225 kg)
  • Intercom: Not available, nearest in 2nd floor mezzanine lobby
Nearest Toilets: 
2nd floor mezzanine
Lift no. 2: Width 110 cm x depth 210 cm x height 217 cm, door width 80 cm x height 200 cm, load capacity 1,000 kg
Special Features: 

2 balconies, additional seating (50 permanent seats + 50 extra chairs available), foyer

stage: Height from floor level 92 cm, height of the front edge of the stage from floor level 118 cm, width of opening 831 cm, height of opening 613 cm, width of stage 948 cm, depth of stage 620 cm, height of stage 1,014 cm, depth of platform 290 cm

3 lighting rigs: overall length 600 cm, distances between rigs 165 cm, 170 cm and 179 cm, 6 x 2 earthed sockets / rig


Open Mon-Fri 9 a.m – 5 p.m. Tel. +358 (0)9–7089 611

Conference packages 2016

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